Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation Q 3

By | June 30, 2022

Anne, who is drinking beer at a party, falls and hits her head on the ground. Her friend Liza dials “911” because Anne is unconscious, depressed ventilation (shallow and slow respirations), rapid heart rate, and is profusely bleeding from both ears. Which primary acid-base imbalance is Anne at risk for if medical attention is not provided?
     A. Metabolic Acidosis
     B. Metabolic Alkalosis
     C. Respiratory Acidosis
     D. Respiratory Alkalosis

Correct Answer: C. Respiratory Acidosis

One of the risk factors of having respiratory acidosis is hypoventilation which may be due to brain trauma, coma, and hypothyroidism or myxedema. Other risk factors include COPD, Respiratory conditions such as pneumothorax, pneumonia, and status asthmaticus. Drugs such as Morphine and MgSO4 toxicity are also risk factors of respiratory acidosis.

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